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My great-grandson asked me to write him a story. The Holy Spirit complied. Together we wrote Three Brother Pups. The Lord told me that He is honoring my daughter with this book. The Creator of the universe is honoring my child. 

The Holy Spirit downloaded this book. In 1975, He told me, “The only way to save the world is to save the children.” As you read Three Brother Pups, may you be blessed. God’s anointing is on this work. 

The beautiful illustrations by the Trilogy team help adults understand the shenanigans of the pups as their child reads to them. It is a lesson in love for all the children in the world.

Catherine Regan Washek grew up in a small town in Massachusetts. She is the fourth child in a family of sixteen. 

She fastened herself to her mother and learned how to be a parent to her siblings. She loved that role. 

The small family house abbuted a private swamp. In the winter, all the kids in the neighborhood skated on it, wearing ill-fitting hand-me-down skates. They joked that they skated on their ankles. The swamp was littered with fallen trees and branches, rocks and logs. They had to skate around the obstacles. Bonfires were built at night without having to secure a fire permit.
Spring and summer were devoted to catching polliwogs, bullfrogs, and fireflies. 

There was a long rope swing hanging from a tall tree at the edge of the swamp. No one was ever hurt from a fall. 

The author observed the playtime behaviour of her siblings and interactions with the neighborhood kids. She also observed the behavior of the teachers, the priests, and all the local politicians and community leaders in the small town.

In 1975, the Holy Spirit came to rescue her. 

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