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During the plague of 2020, the kids were homeschooled. It was not an easy time for our world. Jayme and Quentin Nowland’s middle child, Griffin, was assigned to write to his family, as part of the school curriculum. On March 18, 2020, Griffin sent an email to his great-grandmother AKA MaMere. He asked for a story. He wanted to read.

The Holy Spirit moved through his great-grandmother and Told her He would help. He intervened. He told MaMere how He wanted to heal all the children in the world.

HE inspired Three Brother Pups. A story of normal childhood mischief. A story of forgiveness and healing. A story of a grandfather who suddenly was without his mate. This story is told using a grandfather dog and his grand-pups as the chief characters.

Everyone who knows Griffin’s grandma, Kelleigh Washek Lynch, is deeply touched by her passing. Everyone needed support including the proverbial butcher, baker and candlestick maker.

While we are in this world, we are intertwined. Our individual energy comes from One Source, i.e., God! God is the Spirit Who spoke and His words created our world.

The words in Three Brother Pups are alive. They are life to your spirit. God speaks to His Son Jesus Christ and His Son speaks to the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit speaks to our spirit and our spirit speaks to our mind. That is, when you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior.

This book is written as a healing process for the author, the co-writers, their family, their friends, and all who read this.

When the Holy Spirit speaks to MaMere, she obeys. In 1975, she was Told, “The only way to save the world is to save the children.” As guided by The Holy Spirit, she researched and then wrote what she was Told. The Lord called out the kids’ gifts. She Face Timed the original artists, and so it began.

The original artists drew corresponding cartoons to what MaMere had written. They added their own ideas. They are co-authors of Three Brother Pups. Everything is possible for you dear reader, with God.

The kids ages ranged from 15 down to 3 years. Halle and Austin drew their first dogs. Benjamin was born.

When you read Three Brother Pups, you will find a Salvation Prayer at the end of the book. When you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior, He will plant a new seed into your spirit. He will give you The Comforter.



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